How to Get Fortnite Free V- Bucks?

V-Bucks is main type of cash or currency that is used in gameFortnite Battle Royale as well as Save the World. Both games are also known as PvP and PvE respectively. In PvE or Save the World mode, it is used to buy and open Pinata Llamas that offer few of the great rewards. But in the Fortnite Battle Royale mode, it can also be used to unlock fancy type of cosmetics like latest outfits, gliders and weapons. In the season 2, you can used 950 of V-Bucks can be used to buy Battle Pass.          

If you’re a player of just Battle Royale, meaning you do not play PvE mode, then you cannot earn these V Bucks in many ways. It can really be sensible thing for the Epic Games for rewarding the V-Bucks on the basis of how well the gamer place in the end of the match of if you be successful in the mission. With introduction of Battle Pass in the middle of Season II players could get free V-Bucks for accessing specific tiers.

If you’re presently taking part in paid PvE game that may be is an extreme fun, then V-Bucks can be received quite easily. A user can get Free V-Bucks in various different ways and at the same time they can be used on Llamas for getting rewards or transferred to Battle Royale in order to unlock fancy cosmetics.

If you are not playing PvE Campaign, then you are a slightly out of luck at the present. Your only choice is only to purchase them, or you can earn these meager quantity which is provided by Battle Pass. This has been brought up several times on many online discussion forums that these cosmetics are priced higher than expected, i.e. up to $20 even.

Finally, you can earn them when PvE campaign will also becomes free in year 2018 just like Battle Royale. I highly suggest PvE mode, you can play it solo or with friends or join lobbies over world wide web. You can also find individuals who are selling the extra copies of this game on eBay and Amazon on lower prices.

2 Ways to Get Fortnite Free V Bucks

1.      Earn Free V Bucks by Events rewards

The Event quests often reward you a larger quantity of free V Bucks.

2.      Buy V-Bucks from Events Store

One can also buy the items including the V-Bucks directly from Event Stores with seasonal gold that you get after every successful mission.

How to Use V Bucks in FortNite?

They can be used for buying Loot Llamas in PvE or Save the World mode. Llamas reward you with the defenders, heroes, schematics or survivors to craft traps and weapons. The good advice is to save them for special Llamas that are expensive however grant you with extra items, and may guarantee you the legendries. Special Llamas feature Legendary Troll Llamas as well as Super Llamas. In the Battle Royale you can make use of these V Bucks to buy the Cosmetic items including pickaxes, gliders and costumes and Season II Battle Pass.